Changing Futures is a UK based charity that aims to provide financial support to schools and community projects in Swaziland in order to improve the futures of children disadvantaged by poverty and/or disease.

The charity was founded by Steve and Caroline Smith in 2008 after a visit to Swaziland, a small country in Southern Africa. Swaziland has the highest rate of HIV in the world and consequently has many orphans and vulnerable children. It is not uncommon for a child to be the head of a household, taking care of younger siblings when their parents have died.

Changing Futures is a non-religious organisation which works with various organisations and individuals in Swaziland, including Vusumnotfo, (, Claypotts Trust ( and the Mbabane Rotary Club. The charity also collaborates with Swazilands Schools Projects, another UK based charity. Steve and Caroline and some of the trustees visit Swaziland regularly to ensure that projects are progressing well and to identify new needs. There are no administration costs as the charity is run by its trustees on a voluntary basis.


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Most children in Swaziland really value their education and often walk a long way to get to school. There is now some government funding for school fees for younger children but many schools still struggle to pay all the bills with the funding provided. Changing Futures has been paying fees and supporting the school budget in one rurual school since the charity was founded.

Some Headteachers insist that their pupils wear uniforms which are unaffordable for many children so this is another cost that we cover in some schools.

Changing Futures has also paid for new pre-school buildings, school equipment and furniture and school agriculture projects. It has also funded sewing projects for women in very poor communities to enable them to earn an income and support their children.

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